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Become an accredited registrar for .ST domains.

ST Registry works in accordance with a business model called the registry-registrar model, which is an internationally established standard for top domains. In brief, the business model entails that all registrants of .st domains are customers of accredited registrars, instead of customers of ST Registry as in the previous model.

Registrars by entering registrar agreement with ST Registry (called "Memorandum of agreement) confirm that the registrar supplies services including the following for .st domains:

  • New registration of domain names
  • Renewal of domain names
  • Transfer from one registrar to another
  • Updating registrant and other domain contacts information
  • Updating name servers
  • Provide full spectre of assistance during registrant's change of registrar
  • Domain name termination/deregistration

There is no application fee, instead, ST Registry charge initial fee which is added directly to the Registrar operational balance and depends from selected billing plan. Billing plan setting are valid for 12 months from date when it was assgned by ST Registry to ST Accredited Registrar. Every 12 months ST Registry will perform re-accreditation to ensure that ST Accredited Registrar meet requirement for accreditation and current billing plan. 

Every ST Accredited Registrar gain


By applying to become ST Accredited Registrar you should accept MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT.


Application to become .ST Accredited Registrar.

The first step is that the company wishing to become a registrar sends in an application to which include following details:

1. Company details:
1.1. Organization name
1.2. Public company name
1.3. Contact name
1.4. Country
1.5. City
1.6. Address
1,7. Company URL
1.8. Contact E-Mail
1.9. OPTIONAL. Domains portfolio details 
1.10. OPTIONAL. Introduction into your business

2. Billing plan company wish to start with (



After analyzing provided information our sales representative will contact you with requirements to complete registration process.