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November 23, 2018
Largest price cut during main sales event in 2018. Promotion will be finished November 27 23:59 UTC.

Domain registration
During campaign period we reduce significantly prices for new domain registration:
-70% for 1st domain registration year
-70% for premium domain registration fee
Discount applied automatically.

Additionally we reduced pricing other registration periods:
- 60% for 2 years registration period;
- 50% for 3 years registration period;
- 40% for 4 years registration period;
- 30% for 5 years registration period;

SSL Certificates
That’s not all, by understanding that very often customers need more than just a domain for onboarding in worldwide, we have added more discounts to reduce costs for this process and provide a possibility to evaluate our services for .
During campaign period we provide 40% discount for domain validated RapidSSL and Comodo PositiveSSL. With our discount you get one of the lowest price on the market for a chance to secure connection between your service and visitors.

A domain validation SSL certificate available for all individuals, businesses, sole traders and private customers. It takes 3-8 minutes to receive issued SSL after passing verification.
Domain verification also takes just a couple of minutes and you are able to choose 1 from 3 suitable verification methods:
- Email verification by verifying one of the standard email addresses used for domain or from list of email provided to whois directory for your domain;
- DNS verification by creating special DNS record in your zone according to the SSL vendor instruction;
- HTTP/HTTPS verification by uploading special text file to your hosting according to the SSL vendor instruction;

To apply discount for SSL certificate add to your shopping card Comodo PositiveSSL or RapidSSL (or both) and apply PROMO CODE during checkout process: CYBERMONDAY2018

You are not limited to number of orders or products and may use this promo code until campaign is over. Promo code can be used for 1 and 2 years certificates validity.

Get rid off "Not secure" signal for your website in a browser and improve search listing ranking by installing SSL certificate for your domain, this is  a good time and opportunity to do so.

Cloud VPS
Additionally, we would like to provide a possibility to evaluate our Cloud virtual servers based on XEN virtualization. This is a good opportunity for the most demanding customers who need more than just website hosting. With our cloud VPS you can get UP to 16CPU Cores and 32GB Ram, up to 1TB
HDD and 20 IP addresses. You have a full control over VPS, Firewall management directly from nic.st account, possibility to set up subaccounts to delegate rights to third persons.  This weekend is a great time to evaluate our cloud service with 40% price cut for Micro/Mini/Midi packages.

To apply discount for Cloud VPS add to your shopping card Micro, Mini or Midi VPS (but not limited with single product) and apply PROMO CODE during checkout process: CYBERMONDAY2018

In case of any questions our support department will gladly provide answers to all your questions.
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