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What is domain WHOIS details?

WHOIS database store public domain information such as Registrant (domain owner), administrative, billing and technical contacts.

Each contact contain name, address, phone number and email address. WHOIS information also contain domain availability status, registration/expiration dates, current registrar who is managing domain and assigned name servers. Legally, who performs a WHOIS search can view stored information.

WHOIS search usually provided by registrars and by Registry using special WHOIS Servers, for ST Registry such server is whois.nic.st. Most registries including ST Registry require to keep contact information complete and accurate to be able to contact domain owner in case of any issues or disputes, if domain contact information is invalid – this might be a reason to hold domain and even cancel registration.

Can I protect my domain contact information?

Sometimes people may want to hide their contacts from WHOIS directory to avoid unwanted contacts or spam, we understand that and that’s why ST Registry provide WHOIS Privacy service which help to hide domain contacts information from public directories.

WHOIS Privacy replace your contacts information (mask it) with ST Registry contacts so your personal information does not go on public records. WHOIS Privacy is available for a price 5EUR/Year and can be enabled during domain registration/transfer or from domain management page in your client area.


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