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How do I access my VPS dashboard?

Our cloud service allows you to have access to server control panel which gives you

Full control for your VPS: Start/Stop/Shutdown/Reboot/Recovery mode;

-   Firewall management
-   Disk management
-   Backups management
-   CPU Load charts

Also your VPS will be hosted in a Tripple Green certified data center with strong data protection law.

Our technical partner in cloud services - Bahnhof.

To order cloud server choose Cloud Servers from Services menu. You choose all setting for your server, such as OS, data store zones, and can set up additional information if required.

You can view all your hosting products from within your account.

1.  Log in to your Account at nic.st.
2.  Click on the Manage Services from My Services menu
3.  Your VPS products will be listed here.

Click on VPS to access your hosting panel. Remember that you can configure your VPS only if has active status. If you cancelled VPS usage it gains Cancelled status and there will be no way to restore it. If you want to perfome some actions just scroll down to action section (Reboot, Rebuild, etc.). 

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