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  • Domain Life Cycle

    ST Domain passing 5 stages during its life: 1.  General availability2.  Registration period3.... Read More »

  • Domain Statuses

    Status: ok This is the normal status value for an object that has no pending operations or... Read More »

  • How can I manage Glue record?

    Glue record (Additional record) is an A record, that stores assigned to domain or subdomain IP... Read More »

  • How do I make changes to my nameservers?

    To change the name servers on a domain name already registered on ST Registry: 1.  Log in to... Read More »

  • How do I modify my DNS records?

    To modify your DNS records you should have active parking service, if not please proceed with... Read More »

  • How long will it take to update DNS records?

    Don't panic if it seems like changes haven't been made. Most  new Domains that offer an automated... Read More »

  • How to "Lock" domain?

    Registrar Lock allows you to lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred away without... Read More »

  • How to create ticket?

    There is no problem to get in touch with support team within tickets. To create ticket : 1.... Read More »

  • How to enable WHOIS Privacy?

    WHOIS database store public domain information such as Registrant (domain owner), administrative,... Read More »

  • IPv6 records

    Generally, one glue record can have several IPv4 or IPv6 but not more than 13 in total, well, you... Read More »

  • What is Glue record?

    Glue record is a record, that stores IP address assigned to domain or subdomain .It is stored in... Read More »

  • What should I do to transfer a domain from Nic.st?

    When you are transferring a .st domain registration from one registrar to another, there are... Read More »

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