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How do I modify my DNS records?

To modify your DNS records you should have active parking service, if not please proceed with activation. Choose Domain Parking in My Services . You can activate parking service to one or all of your domains. Remember that you can make changes only when your service ia in active status.

If you have domain parking follow theese steps:

1.  Log in to your nic.st account.
2.  Choose Manage Domains from My Domains menu .
3.  Click on your domain;
4.  On the left menu bar you should choose Manage DNS.
     There you can set up records as you wish, add records.
5.  Once you set your records don’t forget to Save Changes;

Second way to edit DNS records:

One more opportunity to manage DNS is through My Services in Services menu.

1.  When you choose Manage Services from My Services you will see list of your services.
2.  Find Domain parking account.
3.  Status must be -  active.
4.  Click on this service.
5.  On the left you will find Manage DNS button as well.

Also you can manage email forwarders and domain redirects, login to cPanel, just scroll page down. 

CPanel - is web-hosting control panel, where you can manage yours redirects, email routing, etc.

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