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IPv6 records

Generally, one glue record can have several IPv4 or IPv6 but not more than 13 in total, well, you can add more but it will not be supported by many DNS servers.
So, how to get this work on nic.st. 
1.  You create GLUE Record/Nameserver for any IP, for example:
ns1.name.st -> XXX.0.XXX.XX

Once this is done, you can modify it by adding more IP addresses of any type.

2.  Use form with title "Modify a NameServer IP" where define record name as ns1.name.st, "Current IP Address" leave empty and "New IP Address" define as "QQQQ:QQQQ:QQQQ:QQQQ::QQQQ:Q"
In this way you will get desired configuration:
ns1.name.st. IN A XXX.0.XXX.XX

By using empty "Current IP" you tell that this is new IP address for this host. 

According to this logic you can do vice versa - to remove specific IP addresses for GLUE record instead of dropping whole GLUE record just provide "Current IP Address" and leave "New IP Address" empty. 
For example if you modify nameserver by providing 
"Current IP Address"="XXX.0.XXX.XX"
"New IP Address"=""
and submit it, then your nameserver configuration will become:

Please NOTE that it take couple of minutes to propagate each change to root zone, also there might be issue with world wide DNS cache, which depends from particular name server configuration.

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