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What is Web/ Mail Forwarding?

Included in the cost of the domain name, web forwarding allows you to point one or more domain names to an existing website.

Use additional domain names to drive traffic to your primary website by redirecting via web forwarding one or more domain names to a single web address. Misspellings, alternate extensions, abbreviations, or keywords are all popular examples of different domain names pointing to the same website. Especially with the introduction of hundreds of New Domain Names, web forwarding (also known as "Domain forwarding" or "URL forwarding") is a great tool to have.

Mail Forwarding allows you to filter the mails to the mailbox you want to receive or whom send mails to.

With every domain managed by nic.st for our clients we provide free domain parking which consist of :

DNS Management  -  Manage your domain zone without restrictions. We support A/AAAA/MX/CNAME/SRV/TXT record types.

E-Mail forwarding  -  Unlimited number of E-Mail Forwarding rules which you can manage real-time

Web forwarding  -  Unlimited number of Web Forwarding rules which you can manage real-time.

cPanel  -  You can manage domain parking directly from nic.st website or by using cPanel login, in any case all changes applied immediately, real time

You can manage forwards:
1.  Choose Manage Services in My Services menu;
2.  Choose Domain Parking account, if you have already activated domain parking.
3.  Scroll down and you will find cPanel as well as email forwarding, domain redirects.

In case you didn't activate domain parking choose Domain Parking in My Services menu. You can activate parking service to one or all of your domains. Remember that you can make changes only when your service ia in active status.


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